About Freshlink


To Import and export top quality fruit and vegetables through very good cooperation with our suppliers, that’s what Freshlink stands for.

These suppliers are located all over the world, but our focus is on products from South Africa, China and South America.



Being flexible and deliver on our promises, that’s Freshlink too. By keeping the lines of communication short with suppliers, growers and importers, we are able to respond quickly to the dynamic market for fresh fruit and vegetables.

We deliver to wholesalers, gastronomy, service providers and retailers. Mainly within Europe.


Products sold by Freshlink are Global Gap certified. And often provided with Social certificates. Such as SMETA, GRASP and Rainforest Alliance.

Both warehouses we use (Goes Handling and Kivits-Goes) are IFS Logistics certified and Freshlink aims to be IFS Broker certified by 2021.